Pre-Vocational & Vocational Services

Services provided in this area:

  • Work etiquette training – appropriate behavior, language and dress; time management skills; and problem solving skills.
  • Job development and job placement – assisting with job search, resume writing, interview techniques, reasonable accommodation requests, et cetera. In some cases, the job developer would contact and follow up with specific employers on behalf of the client.
  • Job coaching – upon hire, job developer assists with job training and implementation of appropriate accommodations such as use of the Deaf-Blind Communicator or other specialized communication techniques, special lighting, travel routes throughout the company, et cetera.
  • Follow up – periodic checks on performance, assistance if new skills are needed or additional accommodations may be necessary, and to address any employee or employer concerns.

Communication is imperative for job retention. The Center offers training and demonstration to the employer and co-workers in the best method of communication to be used and when. A list of outside resources is provided should the facilitation of communication require the services of one of these agencies.