Older Adult Presentations and Services

Older adults are assessed and receive services primarily in their home. They learn new procedures to be able to continue to cook, clean, identify clothing, move about safely, and perform other daily tasks. In addition to one-on-one services, the Center staff travels to retirement communities to give interactive group presentations on:

  • hearing loss – facts and myths about hearing loss, types and care of hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and TEPP (Wisconsin’s free Telephone Equipment Purchase Program),
  • vision loss – information about eye diseases, treatments, adaptations such as color contrast, techniques for reducing glare, and lighting options to maximize remaining vision,
  • communication and independent living tips – hands-on demonstration of products and methods to help compensate for diminishing hearing and vision, and
  • coping – allows individuals to share mutual concerns and learn about strategies for the future.

For services in the home, please contact: Joan Schneider at 414-481-7477.

For older adult group presentations, please contact Elyse Heinrich at 414-481-7477 ext. 160.