Prior to training, a comprehensive assessment is completed to determine the individual’s current skills and needs.  Staff considers:

  • Age of onset of each disability
  • Severity of losses
  • Education and language level
  • Abilities
  • Additional health considerations
  • Motivation and
  • Current level of coping

In addition to the information gathering, the client is asked to demonstrate his or her skills in the areas of:

  • Communication –touch sign language, Braille, raised alphabet card, print-on-palm, Braille-to-print devices and a screen Braille communicator
  • Independent living – cooking, cleaning, laundering, money management, wardrobe management, etc.
  • Adaptive technology and computers
  • Orientation and mobility – protective techniques, sighted guide and white cane

Input from staff, family and other involved community providers is gathered and considered when making recommendations.  The client is an integral part of every aspect of the assessment.

 For additional information, please contact Joan Schneider at 414-481-7477.